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How to choose a third party testing agency?

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With the continuous strengthening of market supervision and the continuous development of economic globalization, testing and certification of products in market sales has become an irreversible trend. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than 20,000 product testing and certification organizations in the domestic market, and enterprise customers are choosing cooperative third-party testing organizations. How to choose professional and authoritative third-party testing organizations suitable for them? Okai testing agency for your answer.
How to choose a third-party testing institution?
1. When enterprise customers choose a third-party testing institution, they should first inquire whether the institution has relevant information. Such as; CNAS qualification, CMA qualification. The purpose of inquiring the third-party testing institution is not only to prove that the report is available, but also to demonstrate the professionalism and authority of the testing institution.
2. Enterprise customers choose third-party testing institutions, which can determine the service level from the cooperation experience of peer customers or from the conversation. In the process of product testing and certification, if the product fails to pass the test or if there is any problem encountered in the testing process, the service attitude and responsibility of the cooperative third-party testing agency will affect the smooth progress of the case and whether it can be solved in time.
3. Whether the third-party testing institution selected has the ability to independently solve the problems encountered in testing and certification. For example, if the CE,FCC, CCIC and other certifications of electronic products fail in product test, the project of this institution must have the ability to present product rectification plan, so as to avoid the failure of subsequent products to obtain qualified certificates and reports.
4. The third-party testing institutions selected for cooperation must meet their own needs. There is no doubt that internationally renowned large institutions have a high reputation, but such institutions often charge 1-2 times more than domestic third-party testing institutions. Many enterprise customers also want the cost of testing and certification to be lower, and the report should be professional, authoritative and usable. This time the domestic third party certification organization is a good choice. Compared with internationally renowned institutions, domestic third-party testing institutions have flexible operation and low cost, and their reports are different from those of internationally renowned institutions because they are not the same as license-issuing organs. The certificates and reports presented by the third party certification bodies in China are recognized by foreign customers and customs.