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How to apply for UL certification and what is the process?

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UL certification in the United States is a non-mandatory certification, mainly for product safety performance inspection and certification, the scope of which does not include the product EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) characteristics.
UL certification is mainly engaged in product safety certification and operation of safety certification business, whose ultimate purpose is to contribute to the market to obtain products with a fairly safe level, and to ensure the safety of human health and property. UL also plays an active role in promoting international trade as product safety certification is an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade. Next small make up the United States UL certification how to handle, what is the process?



Applicant has submitted company and product information
The certification engineer makes a decision based on the product information provided
When the product information is complete, UL engineers will inform you in writing of the following decisions based on the following information: UL standard for laboratory, engineering cost of test, test time, sample quantity, etc., and send the formal application form and tracking service agreement to your company. The cost limit indicated in the application form is the maximum engineering cost estimated by UL based on the testing project. The cost limit cannot be exceeded without your written authorization
Apply for company remittance, return application form and sample
The applicant should sign the application form and tracking service agreement, and return the form to UL company. Meanwhile, the applicant should send the sample to the post office or express mail by bank transfer. Please send the application form and sample separately. For each application, UL will specify a unique project number (ProjectNO.) to indicate the project number and the name of the application company on the remittance, sample and application form for UL to check
Product testing
UL will inform you of the completion date of the experiment plan upon receipt of your signed application form, remittance and sample. Product testing is generally conducted at UL laboratories in the United States, and UL may also accept audited test data from participating third parties. The samples will be returned or destroyed according to your request. If the product test results meet the requirements of UL standard, UL company will issue the inspection qualification report and FollowUPServiceProccdure inspection report, which will detail the test situation, indicators achieved by the sample, product structure and safety mark suitable for the use of the product. A description of the product and instructions to the UL area inspector are included in the tracking service specification. One copy of the test report will be sent to the applicant company and one copy of the tracking service details will be sent to each manufacturing plant
The applicant is authorized to use the UL mark
Contact area of the UL inspector production factories in China for the first time the factory inspection, the inspector to check your product and its components in the production line and warehouse to save him, to confirm whether the structure of products and parts and tracking service details, if required in the detailed rules, area inspector will witness the experiment, when the test results meet the requirements, the applicant's authorized to use the UL mark. After IPI, the inspector will not regularly to the factory inspection, check the product structure and witnessed the experiment, and check the frequency is determined by the types of products and production, most types of product inspection at least four times a year, the inspector checks is to ensure that products continue to consistent with UL requirements, before you plan to change the product structure or component part (s), please notify the UL, for small change, do not need to repeat any experiment, UL can modify the tracking service rules, make the inspectors can accept this. When UL considers that product changes affect its safety performance, the application company shall resubmit samples for necessary testing. The cost of the tracking service is not included in the test fee and UL will send you a separate message for the tracking check service. If the product test results do not meet the requirements of UL standard, UL will inform the applicant, indicating the existing problems, the applicant can re-submit the product for inspection after improving the product design, you should tell UL engineer what improvements have been made, so that they can decide the above is the procedure of applying for UL certification.