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What does UL certification mean?

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UL is English (abbreviated UnderwriterLaboratoriesInc.) by underwriters laboratories. UL safety testing is the nation's most authoritative and one of the world's largest private institutions engaged in safety testing and certification. It is an independent, nonprofit, professional organization that experiments with public safety. It USES scientific testing methods to study and determine whether various materials, devices, products, equipment, buildings and other hazards to life and property and the extent of harm; To determine, compile and issue relevant standards and data that help to reduce and prevent the loss of life and property, and to carry out fact-finding business at the same time. In short, it is mainly engaged in the safety certification of products and the operation of safety certification business, and its ultimate purpose is to make contributions to the market to obtain products with a fairly safe level, and to ensure the safety of human health and property. UL also plays an active role in promoting international trade as product safety certification is an effective means to eliminate technical barriers to international trade.
UL was founded in 1894, initially funded by the fire insurance department, until 1916, when UL became fully independent. After nearly a century of development, UL has become a world-renowned certification organization with a strict organizational management system, standard development and product certification procedures. UL is governed by a board of directors comprising representatives of safety experts, government officials, consumers, education, utilities, insurance, and standards departments, with day-to-day operations handled by the President and vice President. UL currently has five laboratories in the United States, headquartered in Northbrook, north of Chicago, with laboratories in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
UL mark and use
The use of UL's column name, rating, and approval mark on or in relation to a product is the only method UL specifies to distinguish products manufactured under UL's tracking inspection service. The presence of a company's name in the UL catalog does not mean that the company's products are UL listed, rated or approved. Only those products bearing the UL mark are considered to be products manufactured under the UL tracking inspection service.
According to the different service types of UL, UL mark can be divided into three categories, namely column name, classification and approval mark. The most important part of these marks is UL pattern symbol, which is the registered trademark of UL. Three symbols are used for three different services on the product, can not be mixed, otherwise it can be considered as counterfeit products. Because classification mark is relatively rare in our country, so the following only introduces column name and recognition of two marks. UL's services are based not only on the American UL standard, but also on the Canadian standard (c-ul). Thus, UL marks are also used for UL products and c-ul products and both meet three requirements.
Note: for products listed or approved as UL and c-ul, the UL and c-ul labels may be applied at the same time until January 2008, but by 2008 the third column in the above table must be used.
The "inspection instructions" state which mark you are permitted to use and where the mark should be placed on the product. This mark may only be used if the manufacturer complies with the terms of the "inspection specification" and the "follow-up inspection service agreement". (para. 2) the UL mark shall not be used in any way on the product or package unless you are permitted by the inspection instructions. (para. 3).
If your product is under one of UL's services and meets UL's requirements, UL will allow you to quote UL's logo and U's name in your promotional or promotional advertisements, but such reference must not create an inaccurate impression to the public. A simple quote saying that the product is "ListedByUL" or "RecognizedByUL", or the pattern of UL logo, is appropriate, depending on the category of service it belongs to; The words and phrases of the product marks you use shall correspond to those stated in the "inspection instructions". When your product belongs to UL's classification service, references to UL in your advertisement must quote the full text of the entire product classification mark, as stated in the "specifications of inspection". Since UL may ask you to change inappropriate parts of your promotional or promotional advertisements, it is best to contact your UL inspection representative in advance to inform him of the manner in which you intend to quote the UL logo or name. This avoids misunderstandings, as well as the waste of retracting publicity and promotional advertising that UL deems inappropriate.