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What is the ETL certification test method for the product?

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ETL is the most dynamic safety certification mark in North America. The ETL mark is the exclusive mark of Intertek group, the world's leading quality and safety organization. The product representatives with ETL mark meet the mandatory standards in North America and can be sold in the north American market smoothly.
Basic test methods for ETL certification
1) leakage current test: the sample used for leakage current test has not been tested before
2) normal temperature rise: test test method: thermocouple: thermocouple of 24-30awg is required by the standard (30AWG currently used in the laboratory)
3) post-tidal leakage current test: general test conditions: T=32+/-2°C,RH=88±2%
4) voltage withstand test: normally products without double insulation and grounding are required: 1000V/1 minute (the equipment target voltage climbing time is set to 5 seconds, the cut-off current is set to 8.3ma, and then it is maintained at the target voltage for 1 minute)