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What information do you need to prepare for applying for FCC

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The full name of the FCC is the Federal Communications Commission of the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. It is directly responsible to Congress, coordinates domestic and international communications by controlling radio, television, telecommunications, satellites and cables, and authorizes and manages radio frequency transmission devices and equipment other than those used by the federal government. According to the relevant section of the Federal Communications Regulations of the United States (CFR47), all electronic products entering the United States need to be certified for electromagnetic compatibility (except some products specified in the relevant provisions), that is, FCC certification.
The specific steps of client entrusting application for FCC certification are as follows:
1. Customers submit application forms (our company provides blank application forms);
2. Customers and our company sign commissioned testing contracts;
3. Sample inspection, and preparation of electrical schematic diagram, external/internal photos, oscillator circuit block diagram, user manual nameplate identification, working principle description, etc. (according to the product);
4. After passing the test, if it is FCCVOC certification, our company will issue the certificate and report directly. If it is FCCDOC or ID certification, we will submit the application data to the certification authority authorized by FCC.
5. Enterprises can use FCC logo on their products after obtaining FCC certification.
Note: The list of information and requirements for FCCID certification are as follows:
1) FCC application form: the information of company name, address, contact information, product name and model, use standard and so on are required to be accurate;
2) FCC authorization letter: the contact person of the applicant company should sign and stamp and scan into an electronic file;
3) FCC Confidential Letter: Confidential Letter is an agreement signed between the applicant company and TCB organization to keep the product information confidential. It should be signed and stamped by the contact person of the applicant company and scanned into an electronic file.
4) Block diagram: It is necessary to draw all crystal oscillations and crystal oscillation frequencies, which are consistent with the circuit diagram.
5) Circuit diagram: It must be consistent with crystal frequency, number and position of crystal oscillation in block diagram.
6) Circuit Description: Requirements for English, to clearly describe the principle of product function realization;
7) Instructions for use: FCC warnings are required;
8) Label and Label Location: The label should have FCCID number and Statement, and the position of the label should be significant;
8) Product exterior and exterior photographs: Require pictures to be clear and clear, and add notes when necessary;
9) Test report: Require the test to be completed, and evaluate the product in all directions according to the standard terms;