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What should we pay attention to when making CE certification

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What should we pay attention to for CE certification?
1. When the products of applicants with legal status are to be exported to eu countries, they should meet the CE certification requirements and related coordination standards at the stage of product development and design. Prior to the submission of the application form and sample submission, the applicant shall confirm that its products comply with the relevant new method directives and harmonized standards.
2. The applicant should confirm the eu directive that the CE certification products to be applied for must comply with.
3, we can help the applicant to make an application, or to make a written application, but you need to fill in both Chinese and English, and pay the fee according to the regulations.
4. In case of any discrepancy between the applicant and the manufacturer, the cooperation agreement shall be provided. Applicant: a legal person who applies to the certification body for the CE certificate of the product. The applicant is the holder of the product CE certificate. Also take responsibility for quality. Manufacturer: an organization located in a fixed location that performs or controls the manufacturing, evaluation, handling, and storage phases of a product so that it is held accountable for the continuous conformity of the product to relevant requirements.
5. When the applicant entrusts an agency to apply for the CE certification, it shall provide the CE certificate with the seal of the applicant.
6. One or more samples of an electrical product have been tested in accordance with a harmonized standard of the European Union and have been proved to conform to that standard. The CE test certificate is valid only when the relevant test report is attached. The test report shall include the results of the tests conducted according to the relevant standards.
7. Product evaluation activity plan is a time arrangement for CE test. As long as both parties abide by this schedule, the applicant can be basically guaranteed to receive the CE test certificate on time.
8. The manufacturer of the CE certification application or its authorized agent in the eu shall prepare technical documents according to the regulations and keep them for at least 10 years to facilitate the provision of products in case of doubt in the eu market.
9. Enterprises with CE certification must also prepare an EC qualification statement, stating that their products meet the requirements of the eu directive on new methods and the coordination standards. And saved with technical documentation.
10. Use of CE mark: according to the requirements of the new method directive, products requiring CE mark must be CE mark before being put into the eu market. The CE mark added to the product means that the product meets all the necessary conditions of the CE mark issued by the eu and can freely circulate in the eu market.
11. The terms of the contract for authorized representatives of the eu shall be in the main official languages of the eu. If all the terms are in Chinese, the contract will have no legal effect in the eu.