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What are the CE certification organizations?

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Who are the CE certification organizations authorized by eu?
I. what is the CE certification authority authorized by the eu?
CE certification authority (CE) CE certification authority (CE)
In fact, the definition of authorization is the same as our usual discussion on domestic CE certification bodies.
However, the current attribute is the eu, that is, the number of CE authorization agencies under such a restriction.


Ii. Number of CE certification institutions authorized by the eu:

There are more than 2, 000 of them, and the number of them doing business in China is uncertain, but certainly not a few.
Iii. CE certification authority authorized by eu:
Specific can inquire to European Union official website.
http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/newapproach/nando/index.cfm? Fuseaction = notifiedbody. Main
Iv. There are three main ways to obtain CE certification:
(1) Declaration of conformity Declaration of compliance that can be issued by enterprises or factories independently. This certificate is a self-declaration and should not be issued by third-party institutions (intermediaries or testing and certification institutions). Therefore, it can be replaced by the enterprise Declaration of conformity in eu format.
(2) Certificate of compliance, which is a compliance statement issued by a third party (intermediary or testing certification authority), must be accompanied by TCF of technical data such as test report, and the enterprise shall also sign the Certificate of compliance. For specific CE products, you can ask xiao wu to give you a detailed answer, so that your products can go to the door of the eu.
(3) : EC Attestation of conformity "eu standards compliance certificate", this is the eu Notified Body (Notified Body (NB) certificate issued, in accordance with the eu laws and regulations, only the NB ability is qualified to issue the CE EC Type declarations.
Examples of CE certification institutions authorized by the eu:
SGS,BV,TUV, yibo test and so on are not examples. If you want to know the ranking factors of CE certification organizations, please pay attention to the update of our CE certification information column.