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Saudi SASO

SASO certification background:
According to Cabinet Decree Ns.213, the original SASO ICCP was terminated on 30 September 2003. According to Cabinet Decree Ns 6386, a new product evaluation scheme for export to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been approved and replaced the original SASO ICCP scheme. The new assessment scheme, which was authorized by the Ministry of Commerce and Trade of Saudi Arabia (MoCI) since September 2005, aims to ensure that products exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia meet the relevant Kingdom of Saudi Arabia standards and international standards.
SASO is the abbreviation of Saudi Arabian Standards Organization in English, namely Saudi Arabian Standards Organization. According to the regulations of SASO and MoCI, PCP (Product Conformity Program) is implemented for the vast majority of consumer goods imported into Saudi Arabia. The products must be certified to meet the requirements of Saudi national standards and corresponding international standards, and a certificate of conformity is obtained before customs clearance can be smoothly completed.
At present, there are two feasible ways to obtain the certificate of conformity in our company:
1. Product inspection + inspection, obtain customs clearance certificate;
2. Product inspection + exemption from inspection, obtaining customs clearance certificate;
I. Intertek-SASO Certification and Inspection Model and Procedure:
1. Provide sample testing: (information to be submitted: test sample, test application form and product related information (such as instructions, circuit diagrams, etc.)
2. After testing OK! Arrange pre-shipment inspection: (submit product test report/quality certificate, packing list, form FP and CoC application form to the third party certification authority authorized by Saudi ZF)
3. After OK inspection! Third-party certification bodies review documents and arrange for inspection. Inspection is mainly visual inspection to check whether the packaging and labels of products meet Saudi Arabian standards. (Note: Arabic is required for product specifications, packaging, labels, warnings, etc. Made In China and other words must be silk-printed. Documents approved + Inspection approved = Saudi SASO Customs Clearance Certificate. Certification cycle: 7 working days certificate
4. Information required for certification: product test + report: product description, nameplate, circuit schematic diagram, key parts list, multi-model difference description. Information to be submitted to Intertek for seal: International Certification Business Application, International Certification-CoC Application Form, Formal Invoice, Packing List, Copy of Business License of Applicant or Exporter, Conformity Statement.
5. Requirements for product packaging and voltage: Manufacturer: MADE IN CHINA
Product name, model, applicant name or manufacturer name or manufacturer name or trademark (choose one), MADE IN CHINA. The voltage requirement in Saudi Arabia is 380/415V and the frequency requirement is 50/60Hz.
2. NEMKO-SASO Certification Exemption Mode and Procedure:
1. Provide sample testing: (information to be submitted: test sample, test application form and product related information (such as instructions, circuit diagrams, etc.)
2. After testing OK, provide the required information for certification: SASO application form, box list, invoice, label photo
Label content requirements: (English, Arabic bilingual or Arabic)
Product name:
Model number:
3. When the information is complete, it can submit to the institution and arrange for the issuance of Saudi SASO certificates.
Product scope and precautions
Specifically, it is necessary to inquire whether the customs code belongs to the compulsory scope. All consumer products exported to Saudi Arabia (which can be used by adults and children in homes, offices or other leisure places) are designated as prescribed products. For example, household electrical appliances, kitchen electric tools, perfume, cosmetics, jewelry and so on all motor vehicles and their accessories, all building materials, including paint and paint, etc. the current ICCP involves five major categories and 66 products. The first category: Toys second: third categories of electrical and electronic products: fourth categories of automobile products: chemical products. Category 5: Other products (a total of 10 product ranges) below products do not belong to consumer products: medical equipment; medical products; food; military products.



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