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Algeria COC

Certificate of conformity of Algerian product conformity evaluation program, formal name is Certifcat DE Qualite (Certificat DE Controle DE Qualite des Marchandises).
The primary objectives of the programme are:
· 1. Ensure product compliance with technical regulations and mandatory standards applicable to Algeria (or equivalent).
· 2. Ensure product quality, health and safety, environmental protection and other requirements of Algerian consumers.
· 3. Prevent unqualified goods and counterfeit goods from entering Algeria.
Information to be submitted
· test report
Packing list,
The application form,
· copy of L/C
Power of attorney,
· manufacturer's guarantee
Algeria CoC certification process
Product testing, submit the inspection application, issued by his agency assessment review - fee payment notification, the applicant to submit the payment voucher to his company, issued by the inspection notification, to have a inspection time and the location of the inspection, on-site inspection, evaluate the results of the inspection report, inform exporters inspection - exporters provide the final packing list and invoice for his center, issue the certificate of draft - exporters confirmation certificate content - COC certificate issued
Algeria CoC certification label requirements
According to the specific requirements of different product standards, the following information should also be clearly and easily displayed:
Name and address of manufacturer; Product name; Product model/specification; Mark of origin; Batch/batch number; Date of manufacture; Best usage period; Net content; Content of active ingredients; Active ingredients list; Category of electrical appliances; Electrical parameters; Size; Fiber content and proportion; Conditional demand; Storage conditions; Preventive measures; Directions for use
Algerian CoC certification inspection requirements
1. Product appearance (focus: whether the product has rust, burr, burr and defect)
2. Product label (focus: whether there is name of product, model, MADE IN CHINA, trademark, name of exporter or manufacturer on the label, electrical and electronic products should also have voltage, frequency, power, current and other parameters)
3. Packing mark (key points: whether MADE IN CHINA, product name, model or specification, trademark, name of exporter or manufacturer, electrical and electronic products shall also have voltage, frequency, power, current and other parameters, others are: gross weight, net weight, rainproof sign, handle with care sign, etc.)
4. If it is a return sticker label, they will generally check the strength of the label. As long as it is not too outrageous, too bad, generally not much problem, afraid of not to tip, inspector egg pick bone, very hard to pull down, also said not firm, this kind of situation is the most common. Because this firmness does not have a standard at all, decide directly by the inspector.
5. As for the problem of gross and net weight, some inspectors who are more qualified do not care too much about this aspect, because it is normal for this product to have a little error, and a little error in gross and net weight, which is not closely related to product quality. But for the novice inspectors, they are required to be more accurate, slightly different, all require accuracy. So these enterprises to cooperate well
6. After checking the above items, if there is no problem, the inspector will select some boxes according to the total number of boxes for inspection. For example, the number of products in the boxes will be counted and multiplied with the actual number of boxes to see whether the actual number is consistent with the packing list and invoice
7. After checking the quantity, if there is no problem, the inspector will take photos of the goods and obtain evidence.




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