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1. Introduction to ISO20000
ISO 20000 is an organization-oriented IT service management standard. Its purpose is to provide a model for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving IT service management system (ITSM). Establishing IT Service Management System (ITSM) has become an indispensable and important mechanism for various organizations, especially financial institutions, telecommunications, high-tech industries, to manage operational risks. ISO 20000 provides IT managers with a reference framework to manage IT services, and a sound IT management level can also be demonstrated through certification. Effective integration of ISO27001, ISO20000 and other IT control and best practices, the necessary system integration, so as to comprehensively enhance the overall level of customer IT governance.
2. Requirements
They should have corresponding qualifications (such as business license, organization code, relevant national administrative approval qualification or industry qualification), relevant facilities and resources, and be able to carry out normal business activities. It can provide record of business activities for more than three months.
3. Authentication process
The process of obtaining certification is usually divided into two stages:
Certification Consulting Stage: After the signing of the contract, our company will send consultant teachers to the enterprise to conduct research, determine the intention of the enterprise's certification, help the enterprise to determine the organizational structure and the division of responsibilities and powers, the coverage of the system, compile and improve the system documents needed for certification, train and guide the relevant personnel of the enterprise. Enterprises operate according to the requirements of system documents and help enterprises to apply for certification.
Authentication and Audit Stage: The auditors sent by the certification bodies will check the activities of enterprises applying for the scope of certification according to the certification standards and enterprise system documents. The emphasis is on verifying the situation of enterprises and compiling certification documents and records, and report to the certification bodies for certification at the end of the inspection.



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