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IATF 16949

ISO/TS16949 (first edition) was originally established by the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) in 1999 to coordinate different evaluation and certification systems in the global automotive industry supply chain. With the revision of ISO 9001 standard, the second edition in 2002 and the third edition in 2009 were produced successively. In 2016, IATF solicited the opinions of certification bodies, auditors, suppliers and OEMs, and created IATF 166949; 2016 (first edition) to cancel and replace the ISO/TS16949:2009 standard.
IATF16949-2016 is based on ISO 9001 and added to the technical specifications of the automotive industry. This standard is completely consistent with ISO9000 standard, but more emphasis is placed on defect prevention and reduction of quality fluctuations and waste in automotive parts supply chain. The goal of this standard is to develop a quality management system in automotive parts supply chain that provides continuous improvement, emphasizes defect prevention, and reduces variation and waste. The standard has very clear pertinence and applicability.
This technical specification is applicable to the manufacturing site of production parts and/or service parts required by customers, to the organization of the whole automotive supply chain, and has become the basic requirement of the common and only quality management system in the automotive industry worldwide.
Through the implementation of IATF16949:2016 standard certification, it can help organizations:
A) Focus on and meet customer requirements in order to improve customer satisfaction;
B) Continue to pay attention to business performance and improve process performance indicators to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase;
C) Use system development and improvement methods to ensure product quality and delivery performance



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