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1. Introduction of HACCP/ISO22000 Standard
ISO 22000:2005 Standard "Food Safety Management System - Requirements for Organizations in the Food Chain" was officially issued by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on September 1, 2005. ISO22000:2005 Food Safety Management System is not only a standard of food safety management system, but also a standard that can be used for auditing. This brings us an opportunity to unify many international food safety standards in the field of food safety, and also to implement HACCP in the whole food supply chain to improve food safety. Tools.
ISO 22000 combines the key elements of mutual communication, system management, preconditions and principles of HACCP. Hazard analysis and critical control point (HACCP) system and implementation steps developed by the International Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) were integrated. The promulgation of this standard will replace most of the existing food safety management standards in various countries. Our country equally adopts ISO 22000:2005 GB/T 22000-2006 national standard, which was issued and implemented on July 1, 2006.
2. Requirements
They should have corresponding qualifications (such as business license, organization code, food production and circulation license, etc.), relevant facilities and resources, and be able to carry out normal business activities. It can provide business records for more than three months, and no serious food safety accidents have occurred in the near future.
3. Authentication process
Certification Consulting Stage: After the signing of the contract, our company will send consultant teachers to the enterprise to conduct research, help the enterprise to determine the organizational structure and the division of responsibilities and powers, the coverage of the system, compile and improve the system documents needed for certification, train enterprise personnel, and guide the enterprise to meet the requirements of the system documents. Running and helping enterprises to apply for certification.
Authentication and Audit Stage: The auditors sent by the certification bodies will check the activities of enterprises applying for the scope of certification according to the certification standards and enterprise system documents. The emphasis is on verifying the situation of enterprises and compiling certification documents and records, and report to the certification bodies for certification at the end of the inspection.
Management Manual Procedure Documents (Document Control Procedure, Record Control Procedure, Information Communication Procedure, Emergency Preparedness and Response Control Procedure, Management Review Procedure, Human Resources Control Procedure, Facilities and Work Environment Control Procedure, Procurement Control Procedure, Supplier Evaluation and Selection Procedure, Safety and Health Production Control Procedure, Health Care, Health Production equipment management procedures, raw and auxiliary materials handling, storage and protection control procedures, product protection control procedures, sample retention management procedures, incoming inspection (IQC) provisions, process (production) control (IPQC) provisions, final inspection (FQC) provisions, shipment inspection (OQC) provisions, emergency control procedures, product identification, etc. Traceability and recovery procedures, non-conformity control procedures, monitoring and measurement device control procedures, internal audit control procedures, corrective, preventive and improvement measures control procedures, etc.) three-tier documentation records (management system, equipment safety operation instructions, process cards, inspection system, SSOP hygiene standard operation procedures, operational preconditions, etc.) Case, Emergency Plan, HACCP Plan, Daily Health Inspection of Registration Form of Processors in and out of Production Workshop, Plant Area Health Inspection Record, Rat-proof Material Distribution Table, Cleaning and Disinfection Record of Equipment Contact Surface, Health Record of Workers, HACCP Audit Record, Special Process Confirmation Form, Internal Audit Record and Management Review Record And so on)
We have professional consultants to guide enterprises to complete the above information and sign contracts to guarantee 100% certification.



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