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Jewelry Test


Ornaments are divided into children ornaments and adult ornaments according to the age of users. Different countries have different age definitions for children's jewelry. For example, according to ASTM f2923-14, children's jewelry refers to the jewelry for children aged 12 or under. According to GB 28480-12 regulations on harmful elements of jewelry, children's jewelry refers to jewelry for children aged 14 and under.
The testing requirements for children's jewelry are generally stricter than those for adults. The testing items involved can be divided into mechanical and physical performance testing and harmful chemical substance testing.
Okai testing can provide corresponding jewelry testing services for customers according to different national regulations and buyers' requirements.
Mechanical and physical performance test
➡ ️ sharp sharp point
➡ ️ sharp edges
➡ ️ dangerous magnets
➡ ️ salt spray test
➡ ️ corrosion resistance
Testing for harmful chemicals
➡ ️ heavy metals (lead, cadmium, etc.)
➡ ️ nickel release
➡ ️ phthalate (salt)
➡ ️ azo / / dye sensitization to cancer
Other tests
Identification: ➡ ️ metal material such as stainless steel brand identification, silver content identification, etc.
➡ ️ America: CPSIA, California 65, ASTM F2999, ASTM F2923, 16 CFR 1500.48, etc.;
➡ ️ : eu REACH annex 17, remobilised regulations, etc.;
➡ ️ China: "GB 28480-2012 act the role ofing is tasted the regulation of harmful elements set limit to", etc.



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