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AZO Detection

Okai International is an independent third-party testing organization headquartered in Hong Kong. The laboratory is in strict accordance with ISO/IEC17025, GUIDE25 and EN45001The establishment of an international laboratory management organization with a group of experienced inspection engineers and professional sales teams, and numerous national laboratories. It has good cooperation with professional testing centers and authoritative certification agencies. Get the authoritative certification for the shortest time and the most reasonable cost.


On September 11, 2002 and January 6, 2003, the European Parliament and the European Commission also issued Directives 2002/61/EC and 2003/3/EC, which restrict the use of carcinogenic azo colorants in certain textiles and leather products and prohibit the sale of products colored with restricted azo colorants. Directives 2002/61/EC and 2003/3/EC have gradually been incorporated into national laws and entered into force on 11 September 2003 and 30 June 2004, respectively. Among 22 kinds of aromatic amines, the content of azo colorant (aromatic amines) in one or more kinds of aromatic amines should be less than 30 mg/kg.
EU Directive on Banning Hazardous Azo Dyes (2002/61/EC)
Scope of application: It covers textiles and leather products, including cloth or leather toys, including toys with cloth or leather clothing.
primary coverage
A) Azo dyes can be reduced to crack one or more carcinogenic aromatic amines (22 aromatic amines listed in the Schedule are omitted). Azo dyes containing carcinogenic aromatic amines at concentrations higher than 30 ppm in the final product or dyed part of the product shall not be used in textiles and leather products which have direct and long-term contact with human skin or mouth, such as:
- Clothes, bedding, towels, wigs, hats, diapers and other sanitary items, sleeping bags;
- Footwear, gloves, watch straps, handbags, purses or purses, suitcases, seat covers, neck-hanging bags, textile or leather toys and toys with textile or leather clothing.
- Yarns and fabrics for consumer use.
B) The above-mentioned textiles and leather products shall not be put on the market if they do not meet the required requirements. Before January 1, 2005, textiles made from regenerated fibers can be relaxed to 70 ppm aromatic amine release concentration caused by residual dyes in regenerated fibers.
C) New azo dyes added to the "list of azo dyes" shall not be put on the market.

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