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Elevator CE


Elevator CE Certification--lift Directive 2014/33/EU
The scope of application of LIFT Directive:
This Directive applies to elevators used in permanent buildings and construction. For the purpose of this Directive, "elevator" means a kind of equipment used at a specific height, which is transported for a predetermined purpose: personnel; persons and goods; and goods are transported separately if the vehicle permits. Safety components for escalators and escalators, certification standard EN 81 (escalators or sidewalks do not belong to this directive - European standard EN 115)
Elevator Directive 2014/33/EU specifies the following product needs type approval list as follows:
1. Speed limiter
2. Buffer
3. Safety pliers
4. Layer door lock device
5. Safety Circuit Containing Electronic Components
6. Uplink Overspeed Protection Device
7. Elevator whole elevator
Elevator control cabinet needs to meet:
EMC Directive related (EMC related instructions):
EMC Standard related (EMC related standards):
EN 12015
EN 12016



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